Our mission is to equip believers through Biblical teaching, personal discipleship, and healing prayer so that they may be sent out to fulfill their destiny and expand the Kingdom of God.

Core Values

~A Dedication to God and to His Word
Everything we do in life or ministry must be based upon the truths of God’s Word. It is the standard.

~A Dedication to Integrity
We endeavor to develop Christian character and display Christ-like manner in our ministries, businesses and personal lives

~A Dedication to Biblical Worldview
We recognize that we are representatives of God and carry His presence into every arena of life.

~A Dedication to Personal Destiny
God has a purpose and destiny for each individual. Helping others discover and fulfill that destiny is part of our calling.

~A Dedication to Unconditional Love
We choose to accept others and to love as Jesus loved. Conflicts are resolved in a Christ-like manner of respect and honor.

~A Dedication to a Spirit of Excellence
Our lives should bring honor to the Lord in all we do in business, in ministry and in our personal lives.

~A Dedication to Team Ministry
There is exponential increase in gifting and anointing when we move as a team.

~A Dedication to Obedience to God
Obedience to the Lord delivers us from the fear of man and demonstrates our love for Jesus Christ.