In the late 1970’s, June Barnard Ashworth was given the In the Spirit lessons in answer to a prayer she had prayed about how to help the young women around her. These young women were from different denominations. All wanted help growing in their faith and in knowing how to apply Biblical principles to improve their personal lives. June lovingly gathered these young ladies at her home in Plano, TX once a week and taught from the Word. She also spent many hours praying with them over issues in their lives. And she saw the Lord heal their hurts and set them free.

At the end of the first year, she thought the gatherings were over, but that summer the Lord gave her the lessons for the second year, so she called her ladies and they gathered again that fall. The same thing happened at the end of the second year, so a third year was added! Out of that first class came those who would later become ministry leaders, Bible teachers, pastors’ wives, intercessors, and those who pray for inner healing.

Hundreds of women, men and teens have taken the course over the years, and their lives have been transformed by the power of the Word and the work of Holy Spirit. The course has been taught in several states, as well as overseas. It’s been taught in Houston, TX since 1987. Strategic Ministries Inc. (SMI) has continued the work that June began in Plano and has seen many women, men and teens move into a place of intimacy with the Lord, as He has not only revealed Biblical truths to their hearts, but also healed life hurts and set them free.

The purpose of the Bible study curriculum titled In The Spirit is to:

  • Hear and understand the full Word of God
  • Know His desire for us and calling for our lives
  • Draw closer to God and develop an intimate relationship with Him
  • Develop an abundant, dynamic, Christ-centered life

Please join us!