Our first year addresses the foundations of Spiritual Growth. In the second year, we study how to Walk in the Spirit. And the final year of the course is titled Ministering in the Spirit.

Upon completion of the third year and each year’s assignments, a one-of-a-kind retreat is held to bless and honor the students. No one ever wants to miss the retreat because of the many ways God touches each one of us!

Men’s and Women’s Classes

These classes meet once a week following a typical school year calendar September through April.  Major holidays are observed.

Remote Classes

For those who live outside of Houston, we offer a “remote” study plan.Remote students are assigned to a class in the fall, and can listen to the lessons “live” via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. If the class times are not convenient, a remote student may listen to the weekly audios once they are available on the website. Someone will act as the student’s facilitator and encourager while working through the lesson audios and homework.

Teen Classes

The teen class (anyone 13 or older) will have a 3-semester curriculum beginning in January 2023 and will also meet weekly.