“ And Thou hast made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.”  Rev. 5:10

We have a rare opportunity to learn from Dr. Don Crum about our roles as priests and kings and how this knowledge will affect the effectiveness of our prayers.  

In past decades the Lord has put Don in very strategic locations and circumstances. He’s been before presidents and kings in critical situations. The Lord has given him prayers and prophetic words that have literally changed the course of nations and saved lives.

You don’t want to miss these meetings!

Join us as we learn more clearly how to function in our identity, how to fulfill our assignment to bring heaven to earth, how our prayers affect local,  state and national governments, see the sick healed, the lost found and abundant life released in the earth in greater measure.

“Don’s decades of experience holding the trust of the very highest levels of government during periods of global conflict give him a unique insight into God’s hand in the affairs of men, rulers, authorities, and principalities.”   

Janet & Ted Jones

Dr. Don Crum – Leadership International

Dr. Crum has served seventeen years as a Special Advisor to the White House under three US Presidents. He continues to serve our nation’s government in key and strategic endeavors. God has given Dr. Crum a strong prophetic and revelatory gift that has been used in the highest levels of governments and nations.  

Prior to serving our government, Don served 11 years as a pastor in California, and 7 years as a missionary in Nigeria.  He has ministered to believers and unbelievers in 17 nations including persecuted believers in Asia. Many people have been miraculously healed and there are two documented instances of people being raised from the dead when he prayed for them.  

Dr. Don Crum travels nationally and internationally and oversees hundreds of churches as an apostolic father to many leaders.  Through his Project Bridgestone located in Washington, D.C., Dr. Crum mentors Presidents, Prime Ministers and other government and military officials who desire to lead from an understanding of Biblical principles of government and the rule of law. 


“Walk in the authority of a royal dynasty.”

“You are worthy to govern here.” 

“The more you understand your identity, the more operational you will be in your authority.”


We must be able to demonstrate what we learn in our daily lives or it’s of little value. What Don Crum imparts in Royal Dynasty applies to every aspect of life: personal, business, spiritual, governmental.”
Robert Gerst

“Don Crum’s teaching is deeply insightful and completely different from other teachers I have heard. I’m excited to hear him teach again as I am eager to learn to be a more effective warrior for Christ, to advance His kingdom.
Bina Lorfing

“Don is a dynamic speaker whose insightful teaching is helpful to men and women from all walks of life. He is well grounded in God’s word and knows how to relate to all audiences. I have benefited personally from his wisdom, depth of knowledge and engaging ability to relate the Bible to my everyday life.”
Steve Pouns

Don Crum is amazingly gifted as a teacher and a prophetic voice. His revelatory teaching has profoundly affected me. Whatever Don receives he graciously pours out to others, including powerful impartations, words of knowledge, and prophetic insights. He is a blessing.
Anne Pouns

Please join us!